Hi, I'm Kasper Marstal
M.Sc. Eng., Medicine & Technology
and problem solver
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About Me

4+ years of experience in:

Medical Image Processing

I specialize in medical image analysis, machine learning and model-based image registration. I have international experience and practical understanding of radiology through my 10 years working at Frederiksberg Hospital, first as a project assistant and later doing fulltime R&D.

Research & Development

My main interest is improving clinical workflow using computer aided diagnosis. I'm result-oriented, versatile, analytical, experienced in project management and scientific paper writing. It is important to me that my science-y algorithms are user-friendly so the (often not technical) clinical personnel can actually put them to good use.

Being Extremely Motivated

I believe computer-based analysis of medical images and clinical data will change the future of modern healthcare and I'm absolutely thrilled to be working in this field. The tools I develop help doctors improve patient's quality of life. THAT is motivation.


Work that I'm proud of.


User-friendly image registration library

Cochlea Implants

On statistical models of cochlea

Master Thesis

On image registration

Bachelor Thesis

On cartilage segmentation

Experience & Education


  • 2007-2011

    B.Sc. Physics

    A curiosity about the universe had me study physics at the University of Copenhagen. After finishing the mandatory electromagnetism-, relativity- and quantum mechanics courses I found an interest in mathematical modeling, programming, and medical image analysis. An abstract of my bachelor’s thesis on knee cartilage segmentation was presented at EULAR 2011, London, and I gave an oral presentation at IEEE ELMAR 2011, Zadar, Croatia, which won the “Best Student Paper” award.

  • 2011-2014

    M.Sc. Eng., Medicin & Technology

    For my Master's, I specialized in machine learning and medical image processing. Being part medicine and part computer science, this degree provides a fantastic multi-disciplinary foundation for working in this field. I wrote my Master's thesis on automatic construction of Active Appearance Models and was supervised by Tim Cootes.

  • 2014-2015

    Scientific Project Officer

    After finishing my studies I moved to London to work for Image Analysis Ltd as Scientific Project Officer. This arrangement had been made long before I even started my Master's between myself and Olga Kubassova, CEO and founder. My responsibilities included developing the core image processing algorithms for Image Analysis' cloud-based MRI scoring platform, supporting clinical clients and keeping our servers up and running. I had a great time. Image Analysis is changing the future of DCE-MRI's role in cancer and inflammatory diseases diagnosis.

  • 2015-present

    Ph.D. in Medical Image Registration

    In early 2015 I humbly left my job at Image Analysis to pursue a Ph.D. in medical image registration at Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam, Netherlands. I had to do it. I have ideas for a model-based registration framework that needs to get out of my head. I am supervised by the authors of elastix, an open source medical image registration package used extensively throughout my studies. Meeting these guys for the first time was like meeting the rockstars if my favorite band! I am such a nerd.


You can also download my resume as pdf.